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    Edward Norton’s ‘Shiner Jacket’ from Birdman $300 USD · EdwardNorton + 988
      1. EdwardNorton

        I met Oskar at the Rio Climate Conference and we realized we were both environmental activists and surfers and became friends right away. I loved his Osklen board shorts and hoodies but my favorite piece was this great jacket. Like something Che Guevara would have worn on a brisk day in Paris. I wore it all the time and when we started rehearsals for ‘Birdman’, our director Alejandro Innaritu said ‘I fucking love that coat…you look like the artist I want to be in that coat…that should be Shiner’s uniform’ I agreed and we put it in the film. Alejandro wanted one. So did Chivo, the greatest cinematographer alive. Then so did a writer friend of mine. Everybody…men and women…started asking me ‘what’s that coat?’ So I said to Oskar…’Why don’t we turn this into something positive?’ Osklen had stopped making the coat but Oskar agreed to make a new special edition run of the coat that we’re calling ‘The Shiner’. My friend @joe at Fancy, where I always find the most unique and best stuff, said ‘Let’s offer it here.' Better yet, every dollar from the purchase of this special edition is being contributed by Osklen and Fancy to one of the greatest environmental protection and sustainable development projects on the planet…one I’ve been involved with for 12 years: The Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust www.MaasaiWilderness.org So if you get this jacket for yourself or someone you love, you can have the dual pleasure of knowing that A) there’s only a few of us that have it B) every dollar you spent on it went to a project that is a showcase for how we’re going to meet the challenge of sustainability in the 21st Century

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      Hidden Door Bookshelf $1,300 USD · murphydoor + 3554
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      Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane $52 USD · Kickstartsaving + 2675
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      BeoPlay A2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker $400 USD · ibd + 1301
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      Puzzle Pants $80 USD · disanyc + 307
    5. Fancy it
      Chicken Trivet $12 USD · annalicia + 458
    6. Fancy it
      Steel Floor Biofireplace $210 USD · yellowbird + 1612
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      Too Hot to Handle Drawstring Bag by Marc By Marc... $468 USD · annalicia + 276
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      Jaxx Twist Indoor Outdoor Bean Bag $200 USD · BrookstoneInc + 1076
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      Fujifilm X-T1 Mirrorless Digital Camera $1,900 USD · Hypebeast + 854
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      Psiball Print by Shifty $37 USD · KOlinTribuShop + 434
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      Memorabilia My House Of Cards by Seletti $71 USD · obsolescent + 339
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      Gold Skull Money Bank $28 USD · theheartdirector + 1014
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      Cracked Leather Ankle-Strap Sneakers by Maison... $940 USD · Heathska + 412
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      Tundra Panel Jacket by Coldsmoke Apparel $489 USD · Coldsmoke + 593
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      Baby Hammock $110 USD · Kim_Marsh + 1147
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      Vertigo Organic Cotton Bedding by Ferm Living $122 USD · LuisaViaRoma + 611
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      Finn Juhl 500 Couch Table $3,720 USD · himani + 484
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