Our über premium 100% vegetable tanned Italian leather is the best of the best. Hand selected. Dyed in age old wooden drums. Hand Finished.

Vegetable tanning is the most traditional way of tanning hides. Using Italian artisans, most of the process is done by hand. Unlike chrome tanning, vegetable tanning can take up to 40 days to produce a piece of dyed leather. Vegetable tanning uses natural ingredients such as the bark of chestnut trees. This means the finished colours are usually warm, rich tones of natural browns. Our tannery has a rich heritage and is one of the most respected tanneries in Italy.


Our own premium blend of 100% wool felt has a fineness that is unmatched. Manufactured in Germany.

Made in a German factory with over 100 years of pioneering history / Fibers are custom dyed for hard graft / Carefully blended and compressed for a consistently fine appearance / Water repellant / Shock absorbing.

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  • October 2, 2015 - October 9, 2015
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  2. Joshua Kent Parker @jparker21

    Have had this for about 3 months. It is perfect. HardGraft makes high quality goods. And yes it comes in a darker leather. $150 bucks for something that you carry everyday, enriches your life, and lasts forever....sounds like a good investment to me.

  3. - @masterjin


  4. Srivathsan GK @dangerdiabolick

    @masterjin yes. looks cool. but lil pricey.

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$140 · Heritage Bi-Fold Wallet by Hard Graft

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