Graphics printed on 240 gsm Scandia 2000 white uncoated paper. 

Limited edition of 100. 

Paper size 40x50 cm.

The print is sold unframed. 

Signed and numbered by artist with a specially made stamp.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for shipping.

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  • August 26 - September 2
  • Final sale, not eligible for return. View details


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  2. Dee Amore Taylor @Amore077

    Real Talk !!!!

  3. Dee Amore Taylor @Amore077

    Essssssa !!!! X

  4. veena narasimhan @veena_narasimhan

    What I say to myself all the time!

  5. Joann Valerio @joannjadejustin25yahoocom

    wish I could post this in every office at work

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