Scanning couldn't be simpler with a mouse and scanner in one.

Just click the scan button and swipe the bottom of the mouse in any direction over a document. It gets digitized and sent to your computer screen. Then edit, save and share. It's fast, flexible and fun.

Plus, the compact, lightweight LG LSM-100 scanner mouse comes in handy for travel when you can't fit a scanner in your laptop bag.

The Optical Character Recognition, or OCR function, means that you no longer have to re-type text in order to edit it. Using software that recognizes 180 different languages, the LG LSM-100 can convert scanned text into an editable Word document. Just scan it with the LG Scanner Mouse and save it as an editable file for MS Office or drag and drop your completed scans into a variety of applications.

Scan any size up to A3 or just scan a select area on a large sheet of paper.

So go ahead and scan the precious art your child has drawn on the wall, or make the world flat by scanning a globe. The possibilities are endless. Just remember. With a mouse like this on your desk, your screen and keyboard might feel a little insecure.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping

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  • September 11, 2015 - September 25, 2015
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  2. Lydia @Lpineapple

    i definitely want it !!!!!!!!!!

  3. alberta jones @annieroonie

    want it NOW!!!

  4. Momen Sallam @momen66

    why with wire

  5. Jenn Brown @jennizaqt

    I needed this back in college to copy notes when I missed class haha

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$42 · Smart Scan Scanner Mouse by LG

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