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  1. mimi w @studiomimi

    Guest room built on a private platform adjoining the Canopy Walkway 90-ft. above the lush floor below. Comes with its own butler (contactable by walkie talkie) to serve dinner + cocktails.

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  2. crystalbenessa @tannedcrystal

    how about if its raining? btw, fancy'd !

  3. Dodi Baroto Darmoaji @idodi

    great hide away

  4. Orlando @orlandofranco

    It's in the Peruvian Amazon. Try it in nov-dec when the rain is lighter. Also recommend to take the last minute special on the website for great discounts.

  5. veena narasimhan @veena_narasimhan

    Oh how sweet. This is really nice. I can imagine waking to the sound of birds. ..n a tarantula crawling on my arm! No thanks. I will see u in the morning!

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Canopy Tree House @ Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica, Peru

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