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  2. If you have to ask @yesiamadam

    @suq_madiq That is true... I know people who got in on academic ability / community service. I just had to make the point that high SAT scores and a solid GPA are only the basic prerequisites for getting into an Ivy League school... the rest is a bit of a crapshoot. Having grown up in the Princeton area and attended one of the best prep-schools in the country... having friends in other prep schools... and big money all around... I was witness to a lot of f***ed up scenarios when it came to the IVs. It was enough to deter me from applying to most of them and seek out schools based on my major. I got into Columbia (the only Ivy I applied to) but ended up going elsewhere because my undergraduate program was higher ranked elsewhere... though I may reapply to Colombia for graduate school. Regardless, I agree with you on how this shirt makes a wearer seem stupid... as if it's impossible to get into and Ivy and that they shouldn't even bother.

  3. Astrid @SteezyMishka

    it's just a shirt...

  4. Edmund @muuund

    HAHA RT Steezy

  5. Megan Hunn @Sparkie21

    I need this in my life

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