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  2. Nicole Marie Cuevas Crespo @Nikky13

    Saw those stares in movie once scared the he... Out of me

  3. Nicole Marie Cuevas Crespo @Nikky13

    Because of the sound of foot steps

  4. tan @entang627

    pallet is really useful

  5. D Colbe @Lad6Dvan

    Pallets are being used to construct houses, museums, furniture bases, stairs, walls and more. A new building trend that has found its niche market. Like this stair concept but it seems to take one longer to reach bottom and maybe one misstep could send one plummeting? Hum? Not so sure as the angle of the picture and the narrow focus doesn't show enough scope to truly have an actual viewpoint, @CatCalledMouse.

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Pallet Staircase by MOST Architecture

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