Not just your average Steamer.

This suit not only incorporates SAMS shark deterrent technology but with Radiator’s unique 4 layer protection, you'll be wondering how it can be so warm and feel so light.

For the really cold days add a vest for another level of warmth then watch your wave count climb while everyone else lumbers around in 5mm!


Seams: Glued and blind-stitched sealed seams eliminate water entry for maximum warmth and comfort and strength

Body Panels: 3.00mm four layer all over including closed cell neoprene core, inner slipskin and titanium lining for maximum warmth and comfort. Lightweight but extremely warm and comfortable

Arm Panels: 2.00mm 4 layer material. Long sleeve with unhemmed flat ends for best fit and minimum water entry

Leg Panels: 2.00mm closed cell neoprene core with titanium and nylon lined both sides in seat and lower legs for extra durability

Zip: Back zip for the best possible fit

Collar: 1.50mm inner slipskin. Sealed with comfort 

Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping.

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  • Aug. 10, 2015 - Aug. 19, 2015
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  2. Per Lindsten @ravendb

    it is a very effective and PROVEN to use black and white stripes vs sharks.

  3. Per Lindsten @ravendb

    During real tests not a single shark attacked any item with stripes not even bait. so yes it works.

  4. Leslie Lizotte @Olgawants

    Not ME, @nickwilliscpa!

  5. Jason Gondron Jr @gondron

    in about 3 years every surfer in cali will be wearing this, they want to surf and dont care how they appear.

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