Bringing a whole new meaning to “horn-rimmed glasses”, these bovine- inspired beauties probably won’t help you see straight (in fact we’re guessing just the opposite), but we’re bullish on these sharp looking whiskey glasses nevertheless.

Hand blown.

Designed by George Agius. Made in Australia.

4” x 2.5”

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  • September 7, 2015 - September 14, 2015
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  2. Ian MacLean @dcnblues

    As Taurus, I need these.

  3. Hassan Khaled @Hassan_Khaled

    Am I the only one who remembers the TV series 'Heroes'?

  4. Janie Hotchkiss @singaporejones

    Nope, I do too. ;) Also can't help thinkin' these might prove lethal later in the evening. Not quite of the ale and menhir-tossing variety, but....

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