Made from retired wine barrels, Lumia is an LED desk lamp that combines LED lighting with a unique fully adjustable dual pivot arm. This lamp is truly functional art that's Made In USA.

Lumia is the term coined by 20th Century Artist Thomas Wilfred to refer to art created from light. He coined the term "lumia" to describe "an eighth art" where light would stand on its own as an expressive art form.


The light consists of 24 super bright LEDs that are fixed in a channel centered under the top stave. The joints and arms are precision sculpted milled aluminum arms.  The dual pivot arm allows a large range of movement. The balls used for the joints are solid maple sourced from Maine.  The special wire coil between the pivot arms allows the light to move in various angles without strain or stretching. There's an adjustment knob that can be tightened to securely hold the lamp in the position that you adjusted it to.


Sometimes super bright light is not needed so we included a touch off/on dimmer switch.  Also included is a 12V Transformer. 


All pieces are created by hand, so no two items are identical. The base of the light reflects a section of the wine barrel with its tapered staves and side by side contact of the staves and reflects slight variances in colors and stave sizes from what is shown in the made to order photos. That's the beauty of the product!

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

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  • September 14, 2015 - September 15, 2015
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