Francois are a lensless gold plated frame made with 100% metal.

The Francois are reinvented Vintage Fashion Frames-they give you the option to be classy and chic.

Made in France.

One size fits all.

Includes Microfiber sleeve.

Please allow 5-7 days for shipping.





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  2. Art M. Leyva @Main_Man82


  3. RealLifeSupervillian @LoLifer


  4. Joseph @heuermeister

    I have to wear glasses, so I choose stylish ones. why would someone wear ones without lenses. looks silly not a trendsetting thing.

  5. Hanzalah Yaqub @yaqh786

    You can have lenses placed in the frames, custom-made

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$10 · Francois Lensless Vintage Gold Frames

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