In the late 1970s and early 1980s the Arrco Tahoe’s were some of the finest cards available anywhere in the world. Tahoe’s were the preferred cards of Derek Dingle and many other top cardmen of the period. They were produced in Chicago by the Arrco Playing Card Co.

A curious feature about these cards was that the box said, “No. 84” on the front, “Back No. 9” on the back, and “Cartouche Club Back” on the side of the box! No. 84 was also listed on the top of the flap, so that’s the name we’ve used here. Incidentally, a cartouche is a type of decorative, oval design.

When USPCC purchased Arrco in the late 1980s, production of Arrco cards ceased. They became highly sought-after collectibles and still command high prices on the secondary market. A few years ago, the Tahoe back design was faithfully reproduced by a private company. Get them while you can.


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