The XS powercard is an amalgamation of three daily essential digital devices - a 2200 mAh portable charger, a USB 2.0 syncing cable, and an 8/16/32GB data storage device, all in your wallet!

Built on the cornerstones of portability, convenience, and elegance, it's main features include:

    • 70%-120% Power Boost - 2200 mAh Li-Po rechargeable battery with 500+ life cycles and 150 days of standby
    • Data Transfer - Built-in USB 2.0 syncing and Micro USB or Apple Lightning Connector cable allowing for data transfer between your smartphone and PC
    • Data Storage - 8/16/32GB detachble flash storage
    • Fits in the credit card slot of your wallet
    • Single Port Smart Charge - When connected to a power source and your smartphone, the XS powercard will prioritze your phone, charging it to 100%, after which it will charge itself to 100%. Wake up in the morning with both your XS powercard and smartphone fully charged by doing nothing different!
    • Variable Charge Rates - Switch between charging your phone faster or more efficiently
    • Smartphone Protection - The XS powercard protects your phone from overcharging
    • Ergonomic Design - Effectively utilizes the space above the existing credit cards in your wallet to maximize battery capacity while adding no more than 7.0mm to your wallet
    • Smart Shape - Allows you to talk/text while charging
    • Case Friendly Design
    • Compatible with wall-adapters
    • Smart Power Management - Automously detects a phone (no on/off switch required)
    • Re-inforced metal USB 2.0 connector
    • Tri-Colored LED indicator for battery status
  • Available in two versions for Micro USB devices and for Apple Lightning Connector devices

The tech-specs for the XS powercard are:

    • Battery - 2200 mAh Li-Po 
    • Dimensions - 82.5 x 64 x 7/11mm (L x W x H1/H2)
    • USB 2.0 
    • Reach - 1.19 ft.
    • Colors - Black or White
    • Finish - Black: Smooth Matte, White: Smooth Matte or Smooth Glos 

Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping.

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  • September 7, 2015 - September 8, 2015
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  2. Not Your Business @wonkza

    @xyra what if you go on a 5day trip with a friend? The 25kmAh are useful trust me.

  3. Xyra™ @Xyra

    @wonkza We do not dispute that at all! However, the XS powercard was built on the cornerstones of portability, convenience, and elegance, as your DAILY charger.

  4. 王麒鈞 @james77686

    The Micro USB Version is for Android ? Will you send to Taiwan ? How much does shipping cost?

  5. Xyra™ @Xyra

    @james77686 Yes, the Micro USB is for Android. You can order it through our website and we will ship it to Taiwan for $12.00!

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$45 · XS Powercard Portable Charger

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