This Reclining Buddha Statue has been moulded and casted using marble slurry material and then the carving is done to add details.
The moulds are also built by the artisan himself.

The statues of the Reclining Buddha depict an extremely calm and serene expression and are considered to bring tranquillity in home.
This representation of the Buddha, when the right hand is supporting the head, indicates that the Buddha is resting.

It is related to a story of a giant Asurindarahu, who wanted to see the Buddha, but was unwilling to bow down before him.
The Buddha lay down and presented himself as much larger than the giant. Consequently, the giant was humbled by Buddha’s magnificence.
Ushnisha, the elevation above the fontanel, is a symbol of his ultimate wisdom and enlightenment.

A large flame as sign of his spirituality is placed on top of his head.

Many theories also consider this posture of the Buddha as a state of entering “Nirvana” i.e. spiritual enlightenment.

L-14", W-3", H-5"/ Weight : 1.5 Kg

Statue will be sent via FedEx Priority and will be safe as well as Fully Insured

Please allow 7-10 days for US delivery/ 10-15 days for international delivery.

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  • September 7, 2015 - September 10, 2015
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