Fashion Nail art Powder, you can use it for Nail art DIY in everyday life, make your own style!

Can be used with nail polish, UV gel or acrylic nail, etc.

Suggested Usage:
1. Apply a base coat and let your nails dry for 2 min.
2. Apply the first coat of nail polish to your fingernails.
3. Apply a second coat of nail polish to your fingernails (do one finger at a time) and work quickly.
4. Directly after applying your second coat of color, immediately pour the flocking powder onto your nail. Be sure to cover your entire nail.
5. Take your index finger and lightly press the flocking power onto your nail. This secures that the flocking powder will adhere to the nail polish.
6. Finish painting and flocking the rest of your nails individually.
7. It will take 10 to 15 minutes for the flocking powder to set to your nails.
8. Use a clean and dry make-up brush to remove any excess flocking powder from your nails.

Color: 12 colors (random)

Package includes: 12 pots powder.

Please allow 15-40 days for delivery.

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  • August 21, 2015 - September 15, 2015
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  2. Joshua Tillman @JoshuaTilly

    Are the people included because having a community on my fingers would be amazing

  3. mariah murphy @mariah_qveen

    that looks really cool i am gonna ask my mom

  4. Ctasiavoshi @Ctasiavoshi

    Wow those super small things look really funny and cute

  5. Leslie Lizotte @Olgawants

    If you use any color but green you'll be fine, otherwise you're gonna look like your nails are mouldy and have a fungal infection!

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