Take a journey sixty years into the past, a time before cell phones and texting. Back in the 1950's a payphone was how all the cool and hip kids used to talk to each other. Pop in a nickel, dime or even (for the big spenders) a quarter and hear that classic ding as the change falls into your coin bank.

This retro payphone is styled after the vintage phones of the past, but comes with some modern day updates.

Size: 9"w x 18.25"h x 6.5"d

* Push Button Technology
* Rotary Fashion Dial
* Redial Feature
* Tone/Pulse Switch
* Ringer Volume ON/OFF Switch
* Earpiece Volume Control
* Coin Bank
* Wall Mountable
* Model CR56

Please allow 5-10 days for US delivery/ 10-20 days for international delivery.

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  • August 10 - August 17
  • Final sale, not eligible for return. View details


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  2. M. Rico Cortez @RCort242

    Is this made of plastic?

  3. Elizabeth Cloud @SunnyCloud

    @Ayee_Khiddeey Oh wow, that's so cool! Oh no, I'm so jealous!

  4. feotitojr ocegueda @feotitojr

    does it actually work or is it just a prop?

  5. Quin Koele @Icyphoenix

    It totally works. I have one just like it. And yes it is in fact made of plastic and is ridiculously overpriced. It does look pretty cool though, luckily I got mine for free from my grandmother who bought it and decided she didn't want it.. typical.

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$129 · Crosley 1950's Retro Black Payphone

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