Made with special water-repellant coating technology by Komatsu Seiren the unnurella by WPC and Kazuya Koike of Doogdesign is a must-have for rainy days. City-dwellers will know what a pain it is to get to work when it's wet outside because your umbrella drips onto your feet and clothes while you ride public transport. The unnurella (the "un-wet umbrella") can just be shaken once and the rain droplets will be all gone. Your umbrella will now feel dry and you can take it around without fear of getting your clothes or other people wet. There are three versions of the unnurella.

The long umbrella has a handle (with anti-slip coating so it can be rested against a wall easily) while the two shorter models are foldable (of course you can slip them into your bag after use without worrying about any wet results). There are also several colors since this has been designed with fashion-cushion working women in mind. Goodbye raindrops!

The unnurella Water-Repellant Umbrella features:

・Colors: red pink blue yellow beige gray navy green
・Versions: long (60cm/23.6" with handle) medium (58cm/22.8" foldable) short (50cm/19.7"     foldable)
・Only the long version has a handle
・Only the medium and short versions are foldable
・Dry out of direct sunlight
・Use a hair dryer to help restore and maintain fabric (only use after fully dry)
・Materials: 100% polyester
・Wash with water and allow to dry

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  • September 7, 2015 - September 10, 2015
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  2. Mile Richardson @Blaze_24

    aren't all umbrellas designed to be water repellent?

  3. Robert T Wright @WalkerPark

    A $90 umbrella because it can do everything that every other umbrella is required to do.

  4. mark @alegrianyc


  5. Emily Garcia @horsejumper

    I guess it's so that the umbrella isn't soaking wet when you get to work or something? Idk. Stupid. You could spray your own umbrella with water repellent for shoes.

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$90 · Unnurella Water-Repellent Umbrella

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