The Sawkill Green Leaf contains essential oils of Pathcouli and Bergamot. The candle burns with a rich and earthy citrus

Each candle is hand poured, coconut oil based wax, which has a higher pouring temperature and solidifies quickly, which results in a slightly blemished surface.

Coconut-based waxes burn slower, cooler, and have a much longer burn than soy based candles-up to 10 hours.

There will also be some “Sweating” during changes in temperature, as we do not use any non-natural additives to keep some of the essential oils from coming to the surface.

This “sweating” has no effect on the smell or quality and will go away once they reach room temperature.

100% NY State made Coconut wax based candle.



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  2. Norman Buffong @Greenuity

    Where are the details about what this candle is made from? Is it petroleum-based, beeswax, soy or what? Activist, eco-conscious, enlightened consumers like me demand such key details to make well-informed buying decisions in this digital era in which we consumers rule more than ever before! Be transparent or become irrelevant!

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$29 · Sawkill Green Leaf Candle

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