The Ceramic Onyx Paring Knife is engineered to provide great accuracy.

The size of its straight blade is 4 inches narrow and it is ending into a really sharpened edge.

Ideal for peeling the skin of the fruits and cut small food units.

Ceramic Onyx series is an awarded collection due to its extravagant cutting performance and its unique industrial design. The series has been featured in various design blogs and design magazines, while it is the favorite piece of many famous chefs.

The outstanding zirconium oxide blades, which compared to a diamond are second in hardness, can remain sharp for a very long time compared to other steel knives. When used on a regular base, the blades do not even need to be sharpened.

The zirconium oxide blades, the material used for this exceptional knife is sintered in an oven at 1300°C and forged under 300tones pressure. This procedure is giving the blades its outstanding durability in cutting performance and its unique diamond hardness.

Christian Bird has designed knives of incredible style and design for the Edge of Belgravia brand which will become the center of your kitchen world. Their futuristic design and their unique architectural conception will certainly inspire your cooking.



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  • September 18, 2015 - October 5, 2015
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$55 · Ceramic Onyx Paring Knife

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