We've died and gone to holographic heaven. FYI: it's best we point out that it's not actually foil, but a matte holo print thats gonna look insane shimmering by the pool.
It's super stretchy and light-weight, so it'll feel like zero-gravity on your bod!

Rock this one-piece with the Acid Wash Zip-Up Pencil Skirt!

  • Spandex

  • Runs true to size

  • Doubles as a bodysuit

Shipping Specifications:

  • This item ships from the U.K. Please allow 2-3 days for handling and 5-7 days for shipping. For international customers please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping.

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  2. Lego Mess @lego_mess

    я б познакомился :D

  3. DeAndre Owens @deandrepowens


  4. Chinna bly @chinnably20

    awesome asset

  5. fuwatown @fuwatown

    i love snow bunnies

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