Enjoy the king of the jungle in all his magic and wonder, with the Lion Head wall mural from

The lion's long and flowing hair is a thing of beauty. Enjoy all of the wonder and none of the lion's danger, by placing this wallpaper mural in your home.

- Material: Peel & Stick Thin Canvas

- Finish: Matte

- Thickness: 6.0 mil

No extra tools, glue, paste or water needed for hanging. This wall mural is removable, re-usable and will not damage your walls.

 Please allow 14-17 days for delivery.


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  2. Bjorn Mercado @FatherlyUncle

    That be dope to put up

  3. Craig Foster @CrazyCraig

    Whats the size?

  4. Angelina Alle @angelinaalle

    Yeah what's the size?

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