Star Trek -- Kirk's Desk  - Now for all you Trek-y Nerds.

“How do I feel? I feel old — worn out.” “…Then let me show you something that will make you feel… young — as when the world was new.“

The Star Trek pinball machine cabinet, thats been converted into a desk

Salvaged from a old pinball machine and upcycled into our custom made Retro desk.

This old 1978 pinball spent years outside in the rain and still lived to tell its tale.

“Live long, and prosper.” to true Spock

It's outer body is left in its original condition with 5 layers of clear coating to protect the original patina paint.

Vibrant Yellow powder coating on the old vintage legs, to give them a face lift.

Height 78 CM
Width 128 CM
Depth 81 CM
Weight 16 KG





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  • September 15, 2015 - September 22, 2015
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