Birds seem to have an inherent instinct to create a space that's the safest and most comfortable out there. Your pet may not have the initiative or the skill to do the same... but that doesn't mean they don't deserve one.

As comfy as can be, this nest is designed for cats and small dogs to curl up in, store toys and maybe dream about catching some flying prey...Your cats or pups will love that it’s the perfect shape for curling up for a snooze and you’ll love the way it looks in your home.

The Nest has a fuzzy fleece liner that pops on and off, so you can easily give it a shake to get out all that fur, or just throw it in the wash. The Nest is made of a fabric covered "soft-touch" shell, which means it's soft and flexible, not hard and cold like plastic.

Ships with White Microfiber Removable Liner.

17.5"W x 17.5"D x 5.75"H.

Made of molded foam, fabric, Sherpa fleece-lined interior, white microfiber, removable liner.


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  • September 9, 2015 - September 18, 2015
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