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    LED Light Up Shoelaces $18 USD · VEASOON + 400 VEASOON Cookie Davis Summer Tischner
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    Kutugen Wall Shelf $89 USD · Decortie + 259 Decortie Brandon Brando Gilkes Ben Gersten
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    Morning Sunrise Wireless Speaker $799 USD · soundwallart + 339 Danielle Carroll Ben Gersten Milo
  4. Who We Follow: @ToriGreen

    Here at Fancy, we first got to know Tori Green in December when her band 212 Green played our Run Up. But, as you’ll find out here in her own words, Tori is more than just a singer/songwriter.


    “Music is definitely my first love, which can be confirmed by anyone I'm friends with and anyone that I've dated. I have been known to flake on plans to stay in the studio, edit a music video and or write a song.”

    “I have been writing music for as long as I can remember. I use music and writing as a form of therapy. I don't talk about how I feel very often, but I will write it all down.”

    “My musical influences are mostly people who slay in the lyric department. Lily Allen, Drake, Beyonce, Aretha Franklin, Christina Aguilera and so many others.”


    “The best thing about modeling is how creative it is. I try to make sure everything that I'm doing in my life has some level of creativity involved in it.”

    “The worst thing is definitely body retouching with Photoshopping, which gives young girls an unrealistic standard of what beauty and perfection is.”


    “My parents are my heroes, I know that sounds super cliche, but it’s true. They chased and continue to chase their dreams. They both moved to Manhattan and started a life in fashion while raising 3 children.”


    “Chocolate chip cookies are my specialty; I use a recipe that's been passed down through my family. On the flip side, one time I was having a wine and Netflix night with some friends and we decided to make boxed brownies but forgot the eggs in and it basically turned into cement.”

    New Yorker

    “My free tourist tip: Everyone comes to New York and goes to the lower part of Central Park, mostly staying below 70th Street. I have always found this odd because I think the most beautiful parts of the park are up at the top, where it's way less congested and you can get a water for $1 instead of $4.”

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    Carter Watch by Farer $350 USD · fareruniversal + 136 Farer Milo Good Macy
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    Ankle XT BRACE with Hot/Cold Gel Pack $25 USD · xtbrace + 277 XT BRACE Tim P BlindArtists
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    You and Me Isola King Bed $2,887 USD · LOVEThESIGN + 1,002 LOVEThESIGN Jennifer Maxwell Lydia
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    iKlips 256GB Lightning USB 3.0 Dual-Interface Flash Drive $379 USD · adamelements + 258 ADAM elements Julian Svoboda Elly Kim
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    Doctor Who TARDIS Cookie Jar $40 USD · gadgetsandgear + 190 David Calnan Berat Şen Pamela Filippi
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    Smart Vault Biometric Safe $221 USD · Twiterski + 555 Brandon Veski Rens van Vugt BlindArtists
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