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    Grey Colored Contact Lenses $26 USD · averybish + 10 avery bishop 윤예헌 James Molloy
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    Mick Eyes Backpack by Les Petits Joueurs $769 USD · ebennet + 5 ebennet Cameron Stoney Lily Dillinger
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    Nikki Leigh graduated with honors in Sociology from California State University at Fullerton and, instead of focusing on one career, she decided to dive  headfirst into the worlds of modeling, acting, singing, radio, and social media. 

    How do you manage to walk the  tightrope of being extremely active on social media, while trying to protect your “real life”?

     “I am pretty active on social media. I run my own accounts, but try not to post  too much personal stuff. I prefer that my private life stays private.”

    You have style. Lots of style. How would you describe it?

    “I would describe my style as rock and roll/edgy. I am OBSESSED with Leather!!! Anything from gloves, bags, pants, jackets, chokers!! But I also always love a classy look.”

    Staying fit is a big priority for you. What part of your body is your biggest priority?

    “When it comes to working out, I basically love anything booty-related. I especially like to do deadlifts and squats.”

    You’re a big fan of Fancy, we know that. Tell us a little about your Fancy experiences.

    “Definitely the best thing I’ve purchased on Fancy is my Roomba. I’m especially always on the lookout for new leather pieces and rad furniture pieces.”

    What about online shopping in general?

    “I have found that online shopping is addicting, therefore dangerous. And my biggest shopping fault is I NEVER return anything. Even if I don’t like it, or it doesn't fit.”

    It seems like you’re acting more and more. Tell us about some of your more recent experiences.

    “I just filmed something really funny for the TV show Real Husbands of Hollywood. I have a movie coming out soon called Chocolate City 2: Vegas and I just wrapped a feature film that I am super excited about.”


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    Fitting Pyramid Bookcase $1,800 USD · piarotto + 19 pietro piarotto 윤예헌 florianraeuber
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    Galileo's Telescope $399 USD · generate + 1,081 Generate Design Nathalie Russell Teoman Atamyan
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    Kashmir Double Old Fashioned Glass Set $65 USD · dezignable + 12 Dezignable Jen James Molloy
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    Air Jordan 11 Black on White Facing Right Print $280 USD · lootfocker + 9 Ken solomon 윤예헌 James Molloy
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    Park Lane Socks $20 USD · gallantbeau + 3 Daniel Nahari Curtis Baumann Brandon
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    Snow White Printed Crash Jumpsuit by Onepiece $159 USD · Onepiece + 39 Onepiece Brandon happytooot22
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    Solna SmartTouch Faucet by Brizo $632 USD · Dobis + 8 D. Bisman POUILLES jean-Louis Samuel Mobi
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