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  1. Deer Kitchen Tidy: This clever Deer Kitchen Tidy uses your wooden cutlery and turns them into antlers and as a part of its design. You can also use it as a vase, tool tidy, or for storing fresh herbs. Crookedbrains hanna Share & Lists
  2. Mushroom Pepper Grinder: The Mushroom Pepper Grinder is a wood grinder with ceramic mechanism and mushroom design. It doubles as a decorative piece for your kitchen and dining table. Crookedbrains hanna Share & Lists
  3. BB-8 3D Deco Wall Light: The BB-8 3D Deco Wall Light is a cordless, decorative wall light that creates an impression as if it breaks out of your wall. Crookedbrains hanna Share & Lists
  4. Gratiator Cheese Grater: Grating cheese is no fun, but now with Gratiator Cheese Grater things are sure to be more adventurous right in your kitchen. Crookedbrains hanna Share & Lists
  5. Cactus Door Stop: The Cactus Fabric Door Stop is made from green and white polka dot fabric, features a weighted design in the shape of a cactus. Crookedbrains Share & Lists
  6. Memo Cup: Memo Cup is a multi-purpose desk organizer that's a corkboard and pen holder, it keeps your pens and memo in one place. Crookedbrains hanna Share & Lists
  7. Turntable Grater: The DJ Grater is a stainless steel cheese grater that looks like a little turntable. It's also a spaghetti measurer. Crookedbrains hanna Share & Lists
  8. $100 Beanbag: The $100 Beanbag is a comfy beanbag that comes in the shape of a playful $100. Now you don't need to be super rich to relax on banknotes Crookedbrains hanna Share & Lists
  9. BB-8 Slippers: BB-8 Slippers feature detailed representations of favorite characters from Starwars. Crookedbrains Share & Lists
  10. Captain America Dog Costume: The Captain America Dog Costume is just the thing your dog needs so it's ready for any adventure you want to undertake. Crookedbrains hanna Share & Lists
  11. Dragon Mail: You don't need to be a dragon master for having a dragon manage your mail. The "Zippy the Dragon" is here to catch your newspaper and to guard your mailbox as he did in a gone by era of castles. Crookedbrains hanna Share & Lists
  12. Steampunk Violin Ring: The Steampunk Violin Ring is adjustable, looks cute, and perfect for those who play violin. Crookedbrains Share & Lists
  13. Re-Fuel Power Banks: The Re-Fuel Power Bank comes with three individual power banks, each packing 2600mAh of juice. Each of these power bank is compact, gives you USB and micro-USB ports. Crookedbrains hanna Share & Lists
  14. Pikachu Ceramic Planter: Pikachu generates electricity, we all know that, but did you know that its even good with plants? Crookedbrains hanna Share & Lists
  15. Space Pencils: The Space Pencils are just perfect to draw distant planets and galaxies. The set of 12 color pencils come in colorful nebula print case. Crookedbrains hanna Share & Lists
  16. Han Solo in Carbonite Carpet: The Han Solo in Carbonite Floor Runner is perfect for letting your guests know whoever enters your home, you are not to be trifled with. Crookedbrains Share & Lists
  17. Owl Scarf: The Owl Scarf is sure to look great with any outfit, and when you spread you hands holding the scarf the owl with its wings fully spread is seen. Crookedbrains hanna Share & Lists
  18. Zip n Store Fridge Pull-out Unit Crookedbrains antahn Nate Tumminello hanna Share & Lists
  19. New York City Skyline Glass: Do you think the glass that holds your beverage makes any difference to your drink? No? It does, doesn't it; do you like drinking from an old rusty looking tumbler, no way isn't it? Crookedbrains hanna Share & Lists
  20. Ninja Knife Block: The Ninja Knife Block is cleverly designed to make your knives as a part of his attire. Crookedbrains hanna Share & Lists
  21. Bookmark Rockmark: The Bookmark Rockmark is perfect for those who are into music and reading. Crookedbrains hanna Share & Lists
  22. Modesto Towel Holder: Modesto is a tiny guy who uses your towel to cover himself while holding the towel for you. Stick him in your bathroom or kitchen, and leave the rest to him. Crookedbrains hanna Share & Lists
  23. Giraffe Themed Measuring Tape: The Miss Meter Measuring Tape is a small giraffe that extends its neck and tells the precise distance Crookedbrains hanna Share & Lists
  24. Oversized Carrot Body Pillow: The Oversized Carrot Body Pillow looks like an oversized carrot, measures six feet long from the orange tip to the end of the leafy greens on top, and weighs 3 lbs. Crookedbrains Share & Lists
  25. Superman Shield Glass with Cape: The Superman Shield Glass can hold 16 ounces of your chilled beverage and mimics the Man of Steel's costume. Crookedbrains Share & Lists
  26. Minions Lamp and Savings Bank: The Minions are here to light up your desk and also let you save your change. Crookedbrains hanna Share & Lists
  27. Train Shaped Power Bank: The Shinkansen powerbank looks like a miniature replica of a beautiful locomotive, comes with 6,000 mAh to recharge your smart phones, smart devices and other USB devices. Crookedbrains hanna Share & Lists
  28. Elli Coin Bank: Elli is a baby elephant bank that's here for storing your change until you need it. Just place the coins along Elli's trunk and rest is taken care of. Crookedbrains Share & Lists
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