Monetize your content.

Allow your audience to purchase products embedded in the content you publish.


Publishers and bloggers around the world use Fancy tools to let readers buy goods directly on site.

Fancy Anywhere Button

Make any item image purchasable with one line of code. Use our clean and simple Buy button or design your own to best suit your site.
Create a Fancy Anywhere button

Fancy Widget

Share a collection of items with your audience. Customize size and layout to best fit your site.
Create a Fancy Widget

Referral Links

You can also link directly to Fancy and earn the same commission on every purchase you drive. 
Create a referral link

How it works

  1. Choose a button or widget Select the item(s) you want to publish, or let Fancy choose for you.
  2. Publish on your site Visitors can access detailed product information and complete checkout without ever leaving your site.
  3. Earn cash for each purchase Get a commission every time a user completes a purchase.

Item selection

Options available for everyone. Choose a specific product or let Fancy surface the best stuff for you.

Option 1 Collections & Categories

Use your own curated collections or choose from Fancy’s default categories. Enable Fancy Anywhere and allow your customers to buy items without leaving your site.


Option 2 Keywords & Images

Apply Fancy Anywhere to an image or textual content. Display a specific item or a group of items related to custom keywords.

  1. 1. Choose to display a specific item or items related to keywords

  2. 2. Choose to apply Fancy Anywhere to an image or textual content

Option 3 Dynamic Links

Whether it's an article, a blog post, or just a sentence, Fancy will serve up in-content links to related products.

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