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Getting Started

How does it work?

Fancy is a social shopping platform that connects merchants and customers in a fun and engaging marketplace. Merchants use Fancy to enhance branding, market their products, and interact with customers and fans.

How do I get started?

You can apply here.

Who can sell on Fancy?

Fancy is a curated marketplace. We partner with brands who sell unique, quality products presented with catchy lifestyle imagery. Merchants are held to a high standard regarding sale management and customer service.

What can I sell?

We love unique things! Fancy is open to products from many categories. All products must be of excellent quality, sold from an authorized retailer.


How many products can I sell?

We try to maintain a curated marketplace, so please be selective with the products you add. We suggest first-time sellers list up to 12 of their best-selling or “choice” products.

What type of product images work best on Fancy?

Lifestyle "editorial" images are strongly encouraged for products sold on Fancy. When adding sales to Fancy, be sure to use the lifestyle image as the lead image and any accompanying product shots as secondary images.

My product has multiple options.

You can add options in the “Item options” section of the sale setup. The option “Name” should communicate the differentiating factor (e.g. Size, Color, etc). We recommend adding gender, size and color to each option.

How do I change the main image of my product listing?

To change the main image of your product, drag and drop the desired main image into the first spot in the “Photos” section of your Edit Sale page.

What is the difference between “Price” and “Retail Price”?

Price is what the customer will see. If you wish to run a discount on your product, please put the original price in the “Retail Price” section and the new, discounted price in the “Price” section.

Why are my products not visible on my shop page?

New sale items must be approved by Fancy. It may take up to 24 hours for your products to be approved and to appear in your Shop.

If your products are not visible after 24 hours, please contact the merchant services team with your shop name and a list of your pending Sale IDs.


How do I get paid?

You are paid out within 1 business day of the time that you enter tracking for all items in an order. You can set up payments here.

Currently merchants located outside of the US will be paid at the end of each month. Please contact to orchestrate payment. We are working fast to better accommodate international payouts.

How do I handle international (outside the US) orders?

Shipments sent outside of the US need to be trackable. We recommend using FedEx, UPS, or DHL. We advise against using USPS for international shipments.

What is Purchase Verification?

Purchase Verification is Fancy's fraud scanning system. If you have an order in Purchase Verification, do not ship the order until it has been cleared by our team. This process may take up to 4 business days.

What happens if the shipping address is incorrect?

If the shipping address of an order is incorrect, incomplete, or in a foreign language please contact with the order #.

What is a Gift?

Customers can indicate if the item is a gift at checkout. Please print the order receipt from Fancy as it will include a special gift message for the recipient. If an item has been selected as a gift, please print a receipt, but do not include the price.

What should I do if an ordered item sells out?

Please contact

How do I cancel an order?

Before you cancel an order, please contact the Fancy Customer Experience team ( with the order # and a brief description of why the order needs to be cancelled.

How do I update product inventory?

Go to the "Products" tab within your merchant dashboard. Select the product and update the "Quantity" field. If your product has multiple options, you will need to update each individual option's quantity.


How do I get featured on the homepage?

Fancy’s global community determines item popularity and homepage features. While there are several ways to get your products featured on Fancy, we always encourage the use of lifestyle images.

How are my products featured in Fancy’s daily newsletter and other promotions?

If you are interested in being featured in the daily newsletter, shop slideshow, or on Fancy social media, please contact us.


Your dashboard allows you to track and monitor your online store's traffic, revenue, and growth trends. The dashboard is the first page you’ll normally see upon log-in.

This section will break down each part of your dashboard and explain what it shows and how these numbers can help you manage your business.


The Insights tab shows you the number of views, Fancys, orders, and total sales in your selected time period. Here you can also find how each metric is performing in comparison to the prior time period.

Each metric is given its own graph, and can help inform staffing and inventory-related business decisions.


The Map tab shows you the highest concentrations of each metric by region.

Knowing where your products are popular can help inform your sales and marketing decisions.

Shop Activity

The Shop Activity section will list all actions taken by you, the merchant, and by your customers. New orders, items added, shipping updates and more will show up here.

Best Sellers

The Best Sellers section lists your best-selling items on your site.
Check here for a list of your highest-grossing items. Showcase your top-performing items on your frontpage collection and at the top of your product pages.


The acquisition section shows you where on the web your site visitors originated from.
Use this information to understand what sites are linking to your site and what sites are driving you the highest quality traffic.

Merchant Settings

The Basics

  • Store name
  • Contact details
  • Timezone and time format


  • Tagline
    Your store tagline appears in your Shop.
  • Description
    Describe your brand in more detail. Your description appears in the About section of your Shop.

Shipping Rules

Set your default Shipping Location, Destinations and Rates. For more information or help with setting up Shipping, contact


Enable or Disable returns and exchanges, and decide who pays for return shipping labels.

Getting Paid

So we can pay you, you must provide your identification, account type and bank details.

Please contact if you have any problems setting up your payments.


Decide which notifications to receive, and set your recipient email address.

Order Management When customers place an order through your Storefront site, you are notified via email of the purchase. The number of outstanding orders you have will be displayed at the top of your dashboard pages next to “Orders.”

Search Orders

You can search past orders by Order ID, Username, Sale ID, Sale Title, and Payment Gateway.

Extra Actions

Scroll over an order and click the gear icon to see a list of extra actions.

From here you can:

  • Print a packing receipt
  • Enter shipping information
  • Change shipping address
  • View customer order history
  • View order page
  • Mark/Unmark tags
  • Update order status
  • Cancel order
  • Recreate order

Export Order History Download your full order history with one click.

You may want to export a list of your orders if you're passing them on to a fulfillment service, or for your own records or book keeping.

A CSV file containing your orders will be downloaded instantly.

View Buyer Information

Click a name in the "Customer" column to view buyer information.

Order Page Fulfill shipments and add notes on order pages.

Add Internal Order Note

If a customer has given you special instructions, or if there is anything about a specific order that you or your staff need to remember, you can attach a note to the order.

On the order page, click Available Actions > Customer order note.

Use custom order notes to save useful information about an order.

Fulfill an Order

1) Select the item(s) you intend to enter tracking for.

2) Click "Print Shipping Label" and the Shipping Details pop-up will appear.

3) Choose your shipping service, enter tracking information and click confirm Shipment

4) Click the "Confirm Shipment" button to complete the process.

After you enter tracking information, the customer is automatically sent an email telling them their item has shipped, and the order status changes to Shipped (or to Partial Shipment).

Taxes It is your responsibility to collect and submit taxes from your sales.

Include tax in your product prices

You can include tax in your product prices. Customers will only pay the price listed.

Charge tax separately with TaxCloud

If you are based in the United States, you can use TaxCloud to automatically collect the correct rate of tax based on your items, shipping costs, and your customer's location.

1 - Sign up for TaxCloud

2 - Once you have successfully completed the TaxCloud onboarding process, copy your API ID and Key from the TaxCloud Stores page and paste them here.

3 - On your Edit Product page on Fancy, ensure "Charge taxes on this product" is checked under Advanced Details:

Shipping An important part of running your online shop is managing the delivery of your products to your customers. You can buy shipping labels, coordinate delivery, and track shipments all within the Logistics Management section of your Dashboard.

There are three basic ways for you to ship your goods to your customers:

1) Manual shipping

2) Tiered Shipping

3) Fancy Discount Shipping Network

Manual Shipping

Coordinate delivery of your orders to your customer on your own. Purchase shipping labels from the carrier or your choice, upload the tracking number, and drop the package in the mail.

Tiered Shipping

With tiered shipping you can create custom rules that dictate shipping rates.

Shipping rates can be dependent on specific products purchased, ship-to location, total purchase amount, total shipped weight, or desired processing time. You can set the shipping price as a fixed number ($9.95) or as a ratio of total purchase amount (7%).

Examples of shipping options created include free delivery, expedited delivery, international delivery, oversize items, and customer pick-up.

Fancy Discount Shipping Network

Leverage Fancy's shipping network and purchase labels from your Merchant Dashboard. Determine your best shipping option given your desired transit time, transit route, and price.

Fancy is continually negotiating shipping rates down with all the major carriers. As Fancy secures steeper discounts, the cost savings are immediately passed onto Storefront merchants.

View Coupons

To view your coupons, hover over "Promote" and select "Coupons."

Coupon Dashboard

Filter Coupons: Use the "Filter Coupons" tool to choose among the specific coupons you have created: Active, Inactive, Not available, and Expired.

Search: Use the search bar to find a specific coupon among your list.

Details: The name of the coupon and description

Type: The type of coupon that was created

Date range: The time period the coupon was created for

Used: The number of times a coupon has been redeemed

Status: Coupons will have a status of:

  • Active: Coupon is currently active
  • Inactive: Coupon is not currently active
  • Expired: The coupon has expired and is not currently active

Enable / Disable: Select this button to turn your coupon on or off. Select the pencil to edit the existing coupon

Create a Coupon

Storefront allows you to create coupons for customers to use on your site. Create different coupons with different features and perks for your customers. To create a new coupon, select "Add New Coupon" in the top-right corner.

The Add New Coupon screen.

Coupon Info

  • Coupon code
    • Enter the code you will like your coupon to be
    • Must be an alphanumeric code between 5 and 20 characters with no spaces
    • Use the "Check Availability" tool to see if the coupon is available
  • Description
    Include the description that will detail what your coupon is for
  • Status
    Select "Activate" to turn your coupon on and "Inactive" to keep it off

Coupon Details

  • Discount type
    • Currency
      A currency coupon will allow you to let users receive a specific dollar based coupon such as $10, $100, $1,000
    • Percentage
      A percentage coupon will allow you to let users receive a specific percentage off items such as 10%, 50%, 75%
  • Limit per user
    Select the number of coupons a user can use
  • Allowed uses
    Select the number of times customers can use the specific coupon
  • Minimum purchase
    Set the minimum amount of money a customer must spend to use their coupon
  • Shipping
    Select the specific shipping discounts the coupon will cover

Date Range

  • Select the date range you want your coupon

Advanced Options

  • Sale IDs
    Select specific sale IDs if you would like your coupon to only be applicable to specific items
  • Exclude Sale IDs
    Select specific sale IDs to exclude certain items from site wide coupons
  • Usernames
    To have the coupon be applicable only to a specific set of customers, include their username

Checkout & Payment The Checkout & Payment page is where you can set up your payment gateway and manage customer order processing.

Payment Gateways Set up your store to integrate with Fancy Payments, and coming soon, many other payment gateways.

Fancy Payments

Fancy Payments allows you to immediately accept payments by signing up with Fancy and creating an account on Dwolla (

With Fancy Payments, you're immediately ready to accept all major credit cards on your Storefront.. Businesses in the United States can accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Fancy Payments is only available to stores in the USA at this time.

Products This page will walk you through how to properly add and view products in your dashboard.

Products Page

On your Product page you can:

  • Add a product to your store
  • View your active, pending, sold out and expired products
  • Export products and inventory to a CSV file for review and to make changes
  • Import products and inventory by uploading a CSV file
  • Manage inventory of products and increase or decrease available quantities
  • Search your product offering
  • Edit product listings

Add a Product

Select 'Add new product' from your seller dashboard.

Enter Product Info

Title: Enter the name for your product that will appear to your customers. This field is mandatory.

Category: Select the proper vertical from the category tree for organizing your products. This field is mandatory.

Be sure to click the '+' to save the selected category.

Price: This is the price at which your product will be offered to your customers. This field is mandatory.

Retail Price: This is the product's full retail price. It will be greater than 'Price' if you are trying to show your customer that you are offering a discount. It will always be greater than or equal to the 'Price.' This field is mandatory.

Quantity: This is the number of units that you would like to make available to your customers. This field is mandatory.

SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) or Product ID: This is the unique identifier that you would like to use for this product. You can use any system or code that is meaningful to you. This field is mandatory.

Return Policy: Please be sure to set your return policy for your customers when purchasing your product. This is done on an item by item basis. This field is mandatory.

Enter Product Details

Description: Take a few paragraphs to describe your product in detail. The more keywords and content that you write, the more likely that search engines will find your site. Choose meaningful keywords that customer may be searching for in their browsers. Please avoid copying a manufacturer's description as you want your site and sales to look unique to the search engines. Please be sure to include the product's dimensions, weight and sizing chart if applicable. This field is mandatory.

Colors: List the color(s) of your product to help customers find this item by color.

Shipping / Package Dimensions and Weight: List the product's shipping dimensions and weight. This is the size and weight of the item within the package that it will be delivered in. This is very important for calculating accurate shipping prices. This is done in inches and pounds. These fields are mandatory.

Country of Origin: List the country of origin where this product will be shipped from. This is important for warehousing details and distribution center instructions.

Personalized Option: This allows you the ability to offer personalization to your customers for a specific product. For example, this box would be checked if you would like to provide your customers with the option to add an engraving.

Enter Product Options

Enter additional options of your product. For example, you may be selling a shirt that has different sizes and different colors available. Please list them here.

Add Photos

Be sure to include a main image as well as secondary and tertiary images. We recommend very high quality, editorial and/or lifestyle photos that are 500 x 500 pixels or more


Set the proper tax category relevant to your business / product.

Shipping Details

Select if you would like to ship your item internationally.

Select if you will charge (or not) for domestic and/or international shipping.

Enter the expected shipping window for domestic and international deliveries. This is the approximate time when your customers should expect their order to arrive. For example, a start window of 7 days and an end window of 10 days tells customers that they should expect their shipment to arrive 7-10 days after the order has been processed. You can specify different values for international orders.

Please see below for the predetermined tiers:

Weight-based Shipping Rates:

Price Based Shipping Rates:

Custom Shipping Rates:

Enter the custom rate that you would like to charge for domestic and international shipments for your product.

The incremental fee per additional unit purchased allows you to set the rate if a customer buys multiple units of the same product. For example, a small bracelet or t-shirt will likely have a lower incremental fee if a customer were to purchase multiple units whereas a large piece of furniture or a larger/heavier item is unlikely to have a lower incremental fee and thus the incremental fee will likely be equal to the custom charge.


Integrate with Fancy to systematically post sale listings, manage orders, and receive fulfillment information all through your company's warehouse management system (WMS). Send event messages and post files in CSV format to message information back to Fancy's system.

We use Amazon SQS as event queue and Amazon S3 as document storage.

To send a document, first upload the document to your S3 bucket, and then enqueue an event message that contains the document information (document name, type, etc) into your SQS queue (see below for detail).

To receive a document, first fetch an event message from your SQS queue, and then download the document referred to by the event message (document name and document type).

Event Messages Use event messages to send and receive pertinent product and order information through your systems. Event messages are communicated via Amazon SQS. We use JSON format for event messages.

Merchant → Fancy

"document_name": "product_import.csv",
"document_type": "Product",  # available types: "Product", "Fulfillment"
"document_date": "2014-11-25 10:41:54"  # date of creation of the document this event message refers to
"message_id": "a6fb2d7bb21e4e19816816eab2ebc42f",  # unique identifier of this event message
"message_date": "2014-11-25 11:41:54",  # date of creation of this event message

Fancy → Merchant

"document_name": "ProductResult-inbound_message_id-20141125114154105.csv",
"document_type": "ProductResult",  # available types: "ProductResult", "FulfillmentResult", "FancyOrder"
"document_date": "2014-11-25 10:41:54"  # date of creation of the document this event message refers to
"message_id": "a6fb2d7bb21e4e19816816eab2ebc42f",  # unique identifier of this event message
"message_date": "2014-11-25 11:41:54",  # date of creation of this event message
"inbound_message_id": "12345"  #  set to the request event message id when this event message is generated as a response to Product or Fulfillment document request. will be null otherwise.

Documents Message product information, fulfillment details, and order documentation in CSV format. Documents are communicated via Amazon S3. Sample files in CSV format below show all available columns for each document.

Column order is not fixed. Specify column orders in the first line of the CSV file. If the first line does not contain column names, the default column order will be used (reference sample CSV).

1. Product Document Sample (Merchant → Fancy)

AA,merchant_name,username,FALSE,item title,this is a test item,"ipad,ipad mini,ipad case","black, red",30,15.25,15.25,11.5,11.5,11.5,11.5,",","mens,clothing|home,decor","option1,option2","11.11,22.22","10,20","AA-1,AA-2","11.11,22.22","11.11,22.22","11.11,22.22","11.11,22.22",,20060,2014-11-10 14:33:25,2015-11-10 14:33:25,,10,40,"male,female",20,40,male,TRUE,5,8,10,15,no returns,,2,,TRUE,FALSE,15.55,25.55,2.5,4.5,FALSE,9012100000,US

If a product has options, please specify option attributes in the corresponding column separated by a comma. For example:



N-th product option will be created/updated from each n-th value in these option columns. That is, 
1st option will created/updated from option1 / 11.11 / 10 / AA-1 / 11.11 / 11.11 / 11.11 / 11.11, and
2nd option will created/updated from option2 / 22.22 / 20 / AA-2 / 22.22 / 22.22 / 22.22 / 22.22.

2. ProductResult Document (Fancy → Merchant)

Document name format

e.g. ProductResult-a6fb2d7bb21e4e19816816eab2ebc42f-20141124082330768.csv

Document body format

success,update type,failure message,product_sku,seller_username,thing_username,is_active,title,description,keywords,prod_colors,quantity,price,retail_price,prod_length,prod_height,prod_width,prod_weight,image_urls,categories,option_names,option_prices,option_quantities,option_skus,option_prod_widths,option_prod_lengths,option_prod_heights,option_prod_weights,product_url,taxability_code,sale_start_date,sale_end_date,thing_id,sender_age_min,sender_age_max,sender_gender,recipient_age_min,recipient_age_max,recipient_gender,international_shipping,us_window_start,us_window_end,intl_start,intl_end,return_policy,custom_return_policy_days,exchange_policy,custom_exchange_policy_days,charge_domestic_shipping,charge_international_shipping,custom_shipping_domestic_charge,custom_shipping_international_charge,custom_shipping_domestic_incremental_fee,custom_shipping_international_incremental_fee,personalizable,harmonized_commodity_code,prod_country_of_origin
successful,create,N/A,AA,merchant_name,username,FALSE,test item updated title,this is a test item,"ipad,ipad mini,ipad case","black, red",30,15.25,15.25,11.5,11.5,11.5,11.5,",","mens,clothing|home,decor","option1,option2","11.11,22.22","10,20","AA-1,AA-2","11.11,22.22","11.11,22.22","11.11,22.22","11.11,22.22",,20060,2014-11-10 14:33:25,2015-11-10 14:33:25,,10,40,"male,female",20,40,male,TRUE,5,8,10,15,no returns,,2,,TRUE,FALSE,15.55,25.55,2.5,4.5,FALSE,9012100000,US

Each line contains the process result of each row in the uploaded CSV.
"success" column: "successful" or "unsuccessful"
"update type" column: "create" or "update" or "N/A"
"failure message" column: failure message when the operation was unsuccessful, "N/A" otherwise.

3. Fulfillment Document (Merchant → Fancy)


"sale_order_id" column: order identifier used in Fancy. Order Document contains Fancy sale order id.

4. Fulfillment Result Document (Fancy → Merchant)

Document name format

e.g. FulfillmentResult-a6fb2d7bb21e4e19816816eab2ebc42f-20141124082330768.csv

Document body format

success,failure message,sale_order_id,product_sku,option_sku,shipping_carrier,tracking_number
unsuccessful,"no matching sale order item for fulfillment (sale_order_id=9999, product_sku=BB, option_sku=BB-1)",9999,BB,BB-1,ups,9883781233

Each line contains the process result of each row in the uploaded CSV.
"success" column: "successful" or "unsuccessful"
"update type" column: "create" or "update" or "N/A"
"failure message" column: failure message when the operation was unsuccessful, "N/A" otherwise.

5. Order Document (Fancy → Merchant)

Document name format

e.g. FancyOrder-20140204-20141124082330768.csv

Document body format

merchant_name,625762,1234,,,42021-P625762,2014-02-04 04:05:42,Payment refunded,Canceled,True,Necropotence,2,16.00,32.00,8.00,,0.00,5.00,3.20,36.80,",,",False,,,donggi,123 1st st,,New York,NY,US,10012,9174181021,,True,Standard,,,

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