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Fancy Button

Sorry, Fancy Button is not available any more.

Fancy Widget

Display a customizable grid of Fancy items on your website. Earn credit when your visitors complete a purchase directly on your site.

Fancy Widget


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Fancy Anywhere

Add Fancy Anywhere to your site using an image or text, or allow Fancy to dynamically find keywords in your content to display related products.

Fancy Anywhere
Custom image or text
  1. 1. Choose to display a specific item or items related to keywords

  2. 2. Choose to apply Fancy Anywhere to an image or textual content

Automatic in-content links

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Meta Tags

Meta tags added to your website provide us with information about your content. The tags can give the title, URL of images, categories and product descriptions.

Thing title
The fancy:name tag indicates the title of the thing. If this tag is omitted, Fancy uses the title of the web page. This can be replaced by og:title or twitter:title.
<meta property="fancy:name" content="New Balance Barbershop 999">
The fancy:images tag contains the URL of the image to be displayed. Additional images can be provided by separating multiple URLs with semicolons. Each URL should contain its protocol and host name. This can be replaced by og:image or twitter:image .
<meta property="fancy:images" content=";">
The fancy:category provides your chosen category for the thing. If the page doesn't include this optional information, Fancy will use "Other" as the category. Available values are Mens, Womens, Kids, Pets, Home, Gadgets, Art, Food, Media, Architecture, travel-and-destinations, sports-and-outdoors, diy-and-crafts, Workspace, cars-and-vehicles and Other.
<meta property="fancy:category" content="Mens">
The fancy:description is a short explanation for the thing. Fancy assumes the content is entity-encoded. This can be replaced by og:description or twitter:description.
<meta property="fancy:description" content="The limited edition New Balance Barbershop 999 Sneakers">

Brand Guidelines

Update Brand Guidelines section to: View our complete brand guidelines here

Fancy colors

Fancy colors are clean, simple, modern and accented. Although these are our primary colors and should be used as our primary pallet, as a brand we are not afraid of color to showcase the global culture that weaves through our products. However, a primary brand color should always complement any introduction of a new color.

If you are interested in leveraging an off-pallet color for a particular piece of creative, please contact marketing.

    Background & Font OK | Use Freely.
  • 827191 RYTHUM
    Background | Use Freely.
  • 1098F7 FANCY BLUE
    Primary accent
    Background & Accent | Use Freely.
    Accent only | Use Sparingly

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