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  1. Student Flat by Tengbom Architects Maria Sanchez Zubizarreta Mihael Lukaček diddy h Roknoir Luis Colón Share & Lists
  2. The 33 Mackenzie Tower, Melbourne | COMMONBLOGGERS.COM ME miguel.vasconcelloscardoso Alessandro Rosini Astrid Vanessa Garcia Alvarez Werner Speck Share & Lists
  3. Glass Houses by Santambrogio Milano | COMMONBLOGGERS.COM ME classy-d Hamlet Baboumi Francisco Orbe Alex Dent Share & Lists
  4. Shelf-Pod by Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio | COMMONBLOGGERS.COM ME youngran.lee.50 Alex Alex Dent Andrew M Share & Lists
  5. SF House by Studio Guilherme Torres | COMMONBLOGGERS.COM ME classy-d Alex Manuel Pinto miguel.vasconcelloscardoso Share & Lists
  6. Deconstructing Houses | COMMONBLOGGERS.COM ME Stiig Jensen Ricky Walker Janine Schmeitz TIMEKILLER™ Share & Lists
  7. Rock City ME Melvin lim Mariant Carolina Salas Wichan cocaineandcaviar Share & Lists
  8. AZC Unveils Plans for a Giant Inflatable Trampoline Bridge in Paris | HYPENOTICE.COM ME Quinn Lee Stiig Jensen 马晨诚 Taj Jenkins Share & Lists
  9. Dubai Water Discus Underwater Hotel | COMMONBLOGGERS.COM ME Hamlet Baboumi Alvaro Aguiar Taylor Fletcher Spencer Buster Share & Lists
  10. NaCl by David Jameson | COMMONBLOGGERS.COM ME Jin Mi Hyun Royce lolly Sebastian Gold Share & Lists
  11. Cross # Towers by BIG | COMMONBLOGGERS.COM ME Zachary lolly Vale Sca Amanda Herrington Black Share & Lists
  12. Bridge Studio by Saunders Architecture | COMMONBLOGGERS.COM ME lolly Taylor O David Lucie Veilleux Share & Lists
  13. House H / Sou Fujimoto | HYPENOTICE.COM ME lolly Chayanin Jariyaprom Jose A. Alguacil Schoony Share & Lists
  14. Dutch firm sparks outrage with proposed high-rise that looks ‘like 9/11 freeze framed’ | HYPENOTICE.COM ME Jordan Greene lolly Akalak Maya Shaitrit Share & Lists
  15. “this house within a house” | HYPENOTICE.COM ME lolly Milou Fleur Stiig Jensen Angela Share & Lists
  16. National Olympic Committee House by Architects of Invention | HYPENOTICE.COM ME Jordan Greene lolly Ricky Walker Stiig Jensen Share & Lists
  17. Walk the Green Carpet | HYPENOTICE.COM ME Jordan Greene lolly Quentin Bourtembourg Seb Smith Share & Lists
  18. Tea House by Archi-Union | HYPENOTICE.COM ME gkag Graciela Cosentino Giovanni Longo Zaira Share & Lists
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