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  1. Inspired by Lego Radio DJ Robot decal from The Lego Movie. (graffiti version) - T-shirt design available at Snaptee vlad. Share & Lists
  2. LEGO Bonsai Tree by Azuma Makoto Nick Matarese Rocco-Chiara Rosa-Bassignana nico.falco.31 Christian L. Kaborg Ryan Golla Share & Lists
  3. LEGO Donut by Bruce Lowell Nick Matarese Rocco-Chiara Rosa-Bassignana Ryan Golla tutku.ustuner Evan Blaustein Share & Lists
  4. Lego Imagine The Simpsons by Jung von Matt don kang rebecca mercado Christian Hansen matteo girola 차윤지 Share & Lists
  5. LEGO Paint Roller by Bruce Lowell don kang Alyssa Theisen Lucy Kagan Donna Taylor Michael Loper Share & Lists
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