The game takes us to the future, specifically to 2065, where advanced technologies and technology are integrated into soldiers and robots. The player is one of those soldiers who possess supernatural abilities like walking on the walls, and the game has two different phases to fight zombies, one that puts a group of characters inside a city full of zombies, and another that brings us back to the same characters in the previous part of Black Ops.

(2014) Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

In the Advanced Warefare version of Call of Duty, we jump to the future in 2054 in a story centered on a giant military technology company that makes military uniforms for soldiers equipped with advanced equipment, where you can jump up dramatically or rush forward quickly, or disappear from the sight of enemies for a short time.

The game introduced a new experience of the information displayed on the screen or the so-called HUD, where that information appears on the back of the weapon in the form of three-dimensional projections.

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