1. Artist // Gill AlexanderArtist // Gill Alexander 8 items - Gill Alexander was born in Durham. North Carolina and grew up in an academic household in the suburbs of Albany, New York. Gill moved to Portland, Oregon to study English literature at Reed College where he later graduated Phi Beta Kappa in 1984. ​ His highly realistic drawings are filled with great detail. Many are painstakingly constructed from arrays of tiny black stippling dots. Gill also works with markers. The marker drawings have a more painterly feel but, nevertheless, contain just as much intricacy. All of Gill’s work is labor intensive and some drawings can takeup to 300 hours to complete.
  2. Artist // Peter MorneauArtist // Peter Morneau 52 items - Montreal-based photographer, Peter Morneau has had a camera in his hands for most of his life, as a result, he is one of those very fortunate individuals who has been able to turn a passion into a vocation. Equal parts technician and artist, Peter has garnered a reputation as one of Canada's most sought after photographers.
  3. Artist // Daniel StanfordArtist // Daniel Stanford 22 items - Sourcing his inspiration from travel, spirituality and the radiant beauty found in nature, Daniel Stanford, a Montreal-based eclectic artist, is committed to creating art that stirs the soul. Renowned for his masterful use of mixed media, Stanford’s expertise lies in combining photography and natural elements such as wood, gold, pigments, wax and precious metals.
  4. Artist // Ivan BallackArtist // Ivan Ballack 9 items - South African artist, born 1976.
  5. Artist // JF DupuisArtist // JF Dupuis 12 items - Jean-François Dupuis has accumulated over 25 years of experience in photography and as much in painting. Jean-François was born in Sherbrooke (QC) and moved to Montreal after his study in photography. It is by making background for its photographies that Jean-François started to paint. In early 2000, Dupuis learned how to use Photoshop. Since then, he loves to play with his two passions, painting and photography, to create his artworks.
  6. Artist // Diane LambinArtist // Diane Lambin 4 items - Determined to pursue a career in art, Diane studied in this field an obtained a Bachelor in Arts at Concordia University in Montreal. She paints mostly abstract pieces, but nevertheless the beauty of the natural things in life sometimes comes to form in her work. Her medium of choice is oil paint on canvas. A Diane Lambin giant reproduction is sure to give any environment a touch of sophistication and contemporary grace.
  7. Artist // Jacques ClémentArtist // Jacques Clément 5 items - For Jacques Clément, live model and en plein air painting have always been at the centre of his creative approach. For years, he learned to reproduce what his eyes saw, following technical learning process. When he ceased to reproduce solely what his eyes could see, he started to create his own language and use drawing as a means of expression. This rigorous and daily exercise has led him to go beyond the simple apprehension of reality and to draw or paint closer to his own perceptions and emotions.
  8. Artist // Ron SimpkinsArtist // Ron Simpkins 5 items - En plein air painter is remembered as a great Canadian landscape painter who's works can be found in over 500 corporate collections worldwide. His paintings reveal the magnificence of the Essential elements of nature; air, water and light. Simpkins painted the Essential elements with skillfully flavored vibrancy and awakening color that uplift and liberate the soul. True to his work after 40+ years of painting Canadian landscapes, Ron passed away outdoors in the grass with a smile on his face.
  9. Framed Art PrintsFramed Art Prints 163 items - I Got Framed
  10. PAPER CollectionPAPER Collection 77 items
  11. ChlorophyllChlorophyll 11 items - Be nice or leave...
  12. MarbelousMarbelous 9 items - "One should always dress like a marble column." -Jackie Kennedy
  13. Noir & BlancNoir & Blanc 49 items - “To see in color is a delight for the eye but to see in black and white is a delight for the soul.” – Andri Cauldwell
  14. Under the seaUnder the sea 10 items
  15. AnimalsAnimals 21 items
  16. Sail awaySail away 17 items
  17. OrientalOriental 15 items
  18. ArchiArchi 20 items
  19. CollageCollage 13 items
  20. Touch of Red PrintsTouch of Red Prints 29 items
  21. 4th of July4th of July 11 items
  22. California DreamingCalifornia Dreaming 31 items
  23. Art for kidsArt for kids 20 items - It's always fun to decorate your kids bedroom. You can now have fun choosing from great giant artworks or a simple fine art paper print. Your kids will love it !
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  25. Ultra VioletUltra Violet 38 items - Pantone's color of the year: ULTRA VIOLET
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