The Newport bed by Ivano Redaelli provides an Italian-made elegant solution for your bedroom.

Thanks to its soft colours and classic design, the Newport bed will reinvent and reshape your bedroom in a comfortable yet stylish way.

Its innovative, modern design will win your heart in no time, also thanks to the subtle ice grey colour hue. Pamper yourself to nights of pure pleasure! Its simple, streamlined shape ensures plenty of style and unparalleled comfort that will perfectly suit any sleeping area.

The bed base is made from premium wood, while a perforated wooden panel and a crushproof polyurethane padding - all this ensures comfort, functionality and durability over the years.

Newport is just perfect for a long night's rest after a tough day at work. The fabric cover can be easily removed for cleaning - drycleaning is recommended. The bed base is unsuitable for latex mattresses.

This gorgeous furnishing piece will enrich your sleeping areas with its sophisticated personality, its subdued colours and the top quality of its materials.

Newport will bring peace and serenity inside your bedroom, welcoming you in a cosy embrace any time you feel tired. At the same time, it will decorate your home in a unique style, adding charm to the most intimate of all rooms - your bedroom.

Measures H 73,5 cm / W 162 cm / D 223 cm

Materials Wood, Rubber, Fabric

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$2,949 · Newport King Bed

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