Built with a reversible USB connector that attaches to a USB port right side up OR up side down, Xyra’s new innovation takes guessing out of the equation allowing you to be right a 100% of the times. The Micro USB version of the cable is fully reversible on BOTH ends - reversible Micro USB connector AND a reversible USB connector!

Measuring a little over 1.5m long (or 5ft.), it is 50% longer than the generic USB cables you get with your device (yup, no more struggling to reach the wall socket to charge your smartphone).

Add to that the durable and tangle-free fabric + plastic endurance jacket, and you have a cable that not only solves problems but perseveres and excels in all conditions and circumstances.

Sync and charge your devices frustration-free!

The XL Reversible USB Syncing Cable is designed to be your new and favorite USB cable. It is an easier, hassle-free, and more durable way to charge and sync your devices. Currently, it is available on Fancy in MFi Apple Lightning Connector and Micro USB versions - and all four sassy colors to match your phone - Gold, Rose Gold, Space Grey and Silver.

**Apple Lightning Connector version of this cable are MFi Certified and are compatible with all versions of iOS.

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$30 · XL Reversible USB Syncing Cable for Lightning Connector and Micro USB

Fancy 2.5K
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