Warm, colorful, wool-blend gloves that work with your touchscreen but look like they don't. Breakthrough Invisitouch technology means warm, stylish gloves in vibrant solid colors without any distractions.

  • We hate ugly gloves, and most touchscreen gloves are incredibly ugly. To design the perfect touchscreen glove, we took away everything superfluous and were left with pure, essential style and function. Solid are regular, solid, colorful gloves that just work with your phone, invisibly. Invisitouch fabric concealed in the entire glove allows use of the entire hand to use your phone without using any ugly metal pads, cut-off fingers, or even silver threading. The soft wool-blend material keeps you warm while you use your phone in style. will work with any capacitive touchscreen devices, including iPhone, Android / Galaxy, iPad, Surface, and Windows Phone. Thick screen protectors may reduce sensitivity.

    Ever lose a glove?Magnets cleverly hidden beneath the logo keep your gloves together thanks to our proprietary maglove technology.
  • Use Your Whole, Beautiful Hand
    Invisitouch solid-colored fabric allows you to use your entire hand on your phone-- no metal pads, cut-off fingers, or visible threading.
    Use your entire hand to type and swipe naturally, with your gloves on.

    Keep It Together
    Proprietary MagLove technology magnetically keeps your gloves together and happy. Don't lose another pair!

    Warm Wool SOLID offers a soft feel with a premium wool blend for supreme warmth and comfort.

    Microfiber Care Label
    Our Care label is made of a microfiber cleaning cloth material, which allows you to use to to clean those smudges on your phone.

    Touch Guarantee
    With our touch guarantee, you have nothing to worry about; click for more info.
  • Care:
    If your gloves need washing, hand wash them in cool water. Do not use bleach or tumble dry your gloves.

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$25 · SOLID Winter Touchscreen Gloves

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