Amphiro A1 displays the energy consumption of every shower you take and motivates water conservation and energy savings of 440 kWh/2245gallons/150 dollars per year.

Showering is the second largest energy end use in the household - using far more energy than refrigeration, cooking and lighting combined. Reducing hot water consumption is essential even in water-rich countries in order to reduce energy consumption.

That way, you can pursue energy efficiency goals or simply get a sense for your personal resource utilization in the shower.

The shower meter amphiro a1 seamlessly integrates as a design component between your shower hose and the handheld shower head.

You can easily install it with just a few simple moves and without any tools.

Please Note: The device harvests its energy for the display and its electronics from the water flow, it does not need any batteries.

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$99 · Amphiro A1 Shower Smart Meter

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