You’re not just a cheap vodka drinker, you’re a spirit aficionado. You like to taste and enjoy your liquors instead of covering up the rich flavors. You like to sip on your booze with your pinky out instead of throwing it back and cringing. You wouldn’t be satisfied with just any ordinary flask, so get a flask with all the bells and whistles necessary to satisfy a true liquor connoisseur.

The 5 Piece Flask Set contains a beautiful stainless steel flask with an engravable plate, a folding corkscrew, 2 shot glasses, and a funnel for easy pouring.

5 Piece Flask Gift Set:

  • Crafted of stainless steel with faux leather sleeve.
  • Includes flask, funnel, 2 shot glasses and folding corkscrew.
  • Wooden box with slots for every piece.
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$50 · 5 Piece Flask Gift Set

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