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  2. mster.mx @mstermx

    so wat are they exactly selling? the main pix with zipper and the small images on the side are of 2 different product...

  3. Just Teo @justteo

    The orange case looks nice. The brown looks ordinary. As do the "artisan stitchings". Talk about window-dressing your words. Not expensive for a leather bag but I wish there's a faux leather one for 11inch MBA in orange.

  4. Fredrik Lidal @ittierre

    I'm actually not sure what has happened, the product for sale does not seem to be from the same manufacturer. the link does not work either. I've tried to change it, but it does not seem to work. try this address if you would like to see more pictures and products :)

  5. Fredrik Lidal @ittierre


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Jacob Computer Cover by Desperate Needs

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