Each Terra Cielo Mare (which translates to Earth, Sky, Sea) is a tribute to a person or an endeavor which has left a mark on Italys historic pastIn addition to being a product, each TCM watch is a story.

Small-scale, high-quality artisan manufacturing distinguishes the Italian brand that completes every last timepiece entirely by hand.

Finely tuned Swiss mechanics merge with military-inspired Italian design in these meticulous collectibles dedicated to an attentive audience, for those truly passionate and sensitive to quality and detail.

Named for the great squadron of the Sorci Verdi (or Green Mice) who wore it, this incredibly precise watch represents the same clear-cut timepiece found on board the famed S79.

Its back case features a reproduction of the inclinometer (aka slip and skid), while a traditional release system makes it possible to wind even when wearing gloves.

Each timepiece features a plaque made from S79 scraps donated by the Ali Storiche association.

  • Sanded titanium case with black PVD treatment
  • Anti-magnetic
  • Lateral plaque in original S79 metal
  • Patented lever release system for charge and hour regulation
  • Automatic TCM-3900 movement by Concepto
  • Small seconds at 3h
  • Sapphire crystal anti-scratch/anti-reflection
  • Screw sealed back case on two levels in sapphire crystal and titanium
  • Patented inclinometer function inside back case
  • 43mm diameter
  • 5 atmosphere impermeability
  • Limited edition of 79 pieces
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$5,600 · Terra Cielo Mare II Sorci Verdi Watch

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