The Knotty collection is a series of floor cushions with a unique plaited design.

The cushions come in two sizes, Knotty and Mini Knotty. Both consist of an upholstered cover and an inner cushion, which can be easily separated when needed.

The upholstery is made from soft jersey tubes stuffed with high resilient foam.

The lining is filled with foam and polystyrene chips.

The upholstered cover and the inner cushion are dry clean only.

- Jersey tubes (85% cotton, 12% polyester, 3% elastane),
- Foam tubes (polyurethane foam hr3530),
- Lining (100% cotton),
- Filling (polyurethane foam flakes)

- Mini Knotty measures: 50 cm, h 30 cm

- Knotty measures: 80 cm, h 40 cm

Please allow 10-14 days for shipping.

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$295 · Knotty Floor Cushion by Kumeko

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