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  2. Charles McClurkin @charliemac101

    The magazine that started a sub-culture!

  3. ojl @limachips

    in case you want to read the interview. Nas: Return of the Don (2012 Cover Story) | Complex -

  4. Marquell Scott @Marquell

    @outtellect oohhh I diddnt know that you grew up in queensbridge in the 80/90s??.. He is hood. Theres no pretending

  5. Marquell Scott @Marquell

    lol @Outtellect I diddnt say he lives there. He grew up there haha talk about reading skills. What makes him a phony artist..... I guess you havent listend to illmatic. And I know what my hand gesture means. Dont worry about what I put up.

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Complex Magazine June/July 2012

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