Parent tested, baby loved and pediatrician approved, otteroo transforms bath time into instant fun, exercise and enrichment for infants starting 8+ weeks.

  • Patented design provides supreme comfort for babies and ease of use for new parents.
  • Features a cushioned chin rest and rounded smooth edges at every touch point. Circular openings allow it to comfortably expand as the infant grows and naturally drains any splashed up water.
  • Unique design is the only to allow the floatie to stretch horizontally, making it easy for parents to place on and off the baby. The new click-in strap design makes it a snap to secure.
  • otteroo uses the softest, highest grade, toxin-free and latex-free plastic for a lick-safe, smell- and rash-free experience for the infant. No ink is used on any exposed surfaces.

Your baby can use otteroo comfortably until they weigh 35 pounds, which is the average weight of a 3 year old. All babies vary in their pace of growth so use your best judgment in terms of when your baby has reached their comfort limit with otteroo.

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$35 · Otteroo Baby Float

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