The light reflecting on these endless, blue waves will bring life to any room in your house.

Every Soundwall is a combination of visual and audio experiences that creates a unique connection between the artist and the collector. Each product is handcrafted by our team in Colorado.

  • Ocean Water Wireless Speaker Art measures 24" x 24"
  • This is printed on aluminum - which is frameless 

Soundwall utilizes Distributed Mode Loading (DML) technology. Exciters vibrate the entire front surface to create a uniform, clear and articulate sound experience.

Soundwall is Wi-Fi connected. Unlike your normal Bluetooth wireless speakers that require you to be within a certain proximity to stream, Soundwall is on your home or office network and the streaming is much smoother. 

Soundwall is smart. It has its own “brain power”, a Raspberry Pi computer built-in, that allows it to be connected to the massive amount of resources on the internet. Our team is developing more and more features using this unique capability. 

Soundwall is a whole experience. Not just art, not just music, not just beautiful and fun, but a new way to see, to listen, to touch, and to enjoy the best of them all.

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$799 · Ocean Water Aluminum Wireless Speaker

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