Tel Aviv-born, New York-based designer Ron Gilad is renowned for his spirited objects conceived at the intersection of poetry and functionality. No longer mere surfaces to replicate our exterior selves, Gilads mirrors possess an inner life that inspires us to look beyond our own reflections.

The M8 Mirror is a large-scale riff on a conventional full-length, wall-mounted mirror a simple wood-framed rectangle like thousands of mirrors weve seen before. In this one, however, a little burly man appears to be holding aloft a section of the glass as if it were a curtain; cheekily lifting the veil that obscures a secret reality.

This handcrafted piece is one of an edition of 20

Material: Wooden frame, mirror

Design Date: 2011

Measures 200 x 90 x 7.5 cm

Please allow 4-6 weeks for shipping.

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$12,700 · IX Mirror by Ron Gilad

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