Hide your kids, hide your wife, hide your (____)… the iStash has arrived!

Let’s face it, you need a new way to stash your goods for your favorite concert, music festival, sporting game, you name it.  Allow me to introduce you to your favorite new toy… your brand new, never-before-seen, concert-going, downtown-clubbing, music-festival-loving, wallet-replacing iStash.  Let the party begin.

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  2. Esther P. Hubbard @Richeme

    I do want it!

  3. Probiotic Soundsystem @probioticsoundsystem

    love it

  4. Tyler Gierke @tylergierke

    i want one of those

  5. noahrush142 @noahrush142

    very cool

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$15 · The iStash

Fancy 7,583
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