It had to happen: Six-ply skate decks made from local, sustainable-yield maple with an additional bottom ply of cedar left over from our surfboard shop.

Each skateboard is a one-of-a-kind hand-crafted masterpiece that echoes its New England surfing roots in shape and finish. With the Grain logo burned in top and bottom, and a bamboo laminated, non-skid deck that makes peeling grip-tape a thing of the past.

Local craftsperson Courtney Strait collects their veneers, takes them back to her shop to press and shape them into rugged maple/cedar decks, then heads back to Grain HQ for a bamboo grip-deck lam and epoxy finish. You can get a deck and fit your own wheels or let Courtney set it up using the wheel and truck options shown.

Cider Hill Model

- Pintail- 38.95 x 8.75"
- Mild concave, medium camber
- Wheel base 26.5
- Randall R11, 180mm trucks
- 3DM 68MM wheels
- Abec7 bearings

Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping.

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$275 · Cider Hill by Grain Skateboards

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