1. A. Neu @aneuday

    so weird

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  2. code von violetron @AtomAstro

    what the whaaaaa is a facetasm?

  3. Dalene Fourie @dalenefourie

    @AtomAstro it does sound dodgy, but its a really cool Japanese brand...

  4. Heather Renee Tucker @cloverandcompany2011

    You mean to tell me that,that is considered on sale! I'm still trying to grasp the concept of this retarded fashion disaster and wondering who would be so stupid as to pay that ridiculous price for such a red neck bag straight from the lumberjack collection and where in the **** would they wear it?...smh

  5. Patricia A T @Patzy99

    this is cool for a Halloween party if I'd go as leather face from Texas chainsaw massacre..

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FACETASM Chainsaw Bag

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