Takara Tomy have come up with a great way to enjoy fresh fruit juice straight from the fruit itself. Just take the Gurefuru Chuchu, use the "leaf" to open up a little hole and then insert the main character-themed part ("Mr. Gurefuru") into the top of the fruit. Twist him round lots of times for around one minute to churn up all the insides of the fruit and then take him out again. Now just use a conventional straw to slurp up ("chuchu") the delicious and refreshing juice you've created!

Simply, cheerful but super practical, we reckon this will be a big summer hit with kids this year, bringing a taste of the holiday resort to wherever you are. It also comes into two bright colors, green or pink, and is so easy that children will be able to use it without adult supervision. Make drinking healthy fruit juices a fun activity with his toy, perfect for oranges and grapefruits! Hey, and we think that adults will enjoy adding in a splash of something alcoholic to make themselves a fresh fruity cocktail drink too!

The Takara Tomy Gurefuru Chuchu features:

  • Colors: green, pink, yellow
  • Ideal for oranges etc
  • Twisting time: around one minute
  • Takara Tomy Gurefuru Chuchu
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  • February 17, 2016 - February 22, 2016
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  2. Djim Djim @djim94

    Super idée !

  3. hanako @hanachan415

    I read japanese review. It says you have to turn it for 100times. Some people couldn't get enough juice. Some people made a hole to the bottom of fruit at first. It is like a kind of toy. But someone says it's good for kids 10 years old or more. Because you need power to turn it.

  4. hanako @hanachan415

    Its too expensive!

  5. The Hotspoter @nico300

    Its cute

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$39 · Takara Tomy Gurefuru Chuchu

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