Buy this instead! Coca Cola USB Flash Drive 4 GB

Compact yet powerful, this unique 4GB USB Flash Drive is perfect for storing files, music, and images to make data transfer less of a hassle! Comes with a coordinated cap for protection. USB Flash Drives offer dependable and reliable solid-state memory.

Please allow two weeks for shipping.

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  2. Kathryn Burbach @sportsanimal1

    I wonder how many gigs?

  3. Hunter Finney @FinneyFactor

    Yeah how many gigs?

  4. Chandler Luhowskyj @cheechman

    need some of the real stuff to put on my Cheese Rollup.

  5. monkeykiller94 @JoshLucente

    From 128 megs to 32 gig. 30 bucks for the 32 gig

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$15 · Coca Cola USB Flash Drive 4 GB

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